Simple website & API monitoring within Slack

Monitor the health of websites, APIs and servers in Slack and get up/downtime alerts delivered to your team's channel. No registration needed. Setup for free in <1 minute.

Monitoring servers is easier than ever

No need to register a new account. No need for complex configuration. Just install Simple Uptime on your Slack workspace and start monitoring your websites and APIs with your team members.

Alert the whole team

Your whole team is automatically notified in case of downtime - without any extra registration.

Start for free

You can start using Simple Uptime completely for free. No credit card is needed.

Setup in <1 minute

Getting started is extremely simple. You are ready to go in less than 1 minute.

Works on all devices

You don't need to download any new apps to get Simple Uptime to go - it is already on all your devices where you have Slack installed.

Advanced configuration

Simple Uptime supports advanced configurations like string alerts, custom timeouts, and custom notification intervals.

Built for Slack

You don't need to learn new tools or register to new services as Simple Uptime works inside the Slack you are already familiar with.

Uptime monitoring made simple

Start in <1 minute. Monitor all your websites and APIs. Never leave Slack. No complex setup. Can't be simpler than that.

Slack downtime alerts
Simple Uptime allows you to monitor any URL for downtime and uptime. We will check that your servers and websites work as intended around the clock, and send a notification for your team’s Slack channel in case something goes wrong. Simple Uptime is the easiest way to do uptime monitoring inside Slack.
Uptime bot for Slack
Our Slack Bot is built for Slack. This makes it extremely fast and easy to setup. Your whole team has access to Simple Uptime without needing to register for new accounts, to login to external websites, or accept any invites. Everyone can add, edit and remove uptime monitors easily inside Slack. As we notify your team in Slack, everyone has already a mobile application installed to receive the downtime alerts on the go. No need to install any 3rd party monitor apps or share private phone numbers.

Ready to make your life simple?